My Experience at The Griffin

Full disclosure: The Griffin is my favorite bar in San Diego.

I regularly visit to check out the latest hot bands. There’s always a new concert going on. One of my guilty pleasures is that I get to enjoy so many bands without having to pay for more. I was lucky to attend on sold out shows for Dead Feather Moon, Modern Heist, and Rebel Bingo, and more.

There are drinks to suit every mood and taste. Crown is my standard drink, and it isn’t pricey. There’s also few of the best cocktails I’ve had in my life. The place is spacious, but it gets crowded most of the time. I always make sure to arrive early to use on of the booths.

The bartenders are surprisingly friendly there. Why? Well, because they were busy all the night, and normally you’d expect them to feel pressured and act weird. Instead, they had a positive vibe, always smiled, and offered excellent service. I think I saw the owner serving at the bar; they take care of their guests.

The atmosphere is somewhat dark, though. With a little bit stretch of the imagination, it feels like the place the Vikings would go to celebrate after a victory. You can sense that the energy of the place has the feel of the medieval dining hall. It feels like being at the heart of what San Diego is all about, life.

I don’t want to spoil the experience for you, though; I’ve been to many bars but this one isn’t your average one, so you have to see to believe. If you’re having some trouble finding it, it’s right next door to I C Systems and the 7-11.

I don’t have to worry about parking; there’s ample space of that. So I haven’t had any negative experience regarding finding a parking spot. It was always this way. The clients are friendly San Diego locals; most of them are easy going and down to earth.

It feels like I’m home. I’ve spent many nights of pleasures, and I can’t get enough. I met new friends there. The Griffin is a hidden gem away from the crowded downtown if you go to San Diego, and if you are a love music. You must give The Griffin ago, don’t waste the opportunity.

I’ve been to many bars downtown, but I feel The Griffin is best regarding interior design, and more comfortable and authentic. I highly recommend at least attending an 80’s cover band for a good laugh. It is the place to go for hip music lovers.

Of course, I wouldn’t forget to mention the security there. The bouncers know what they’re doing, and I know every one of them by name. OK, not everyone. But they do their job, and that’s what matters to me. One last thing, you don’t want to miss Karaoke on Wednesday nights, if you’re into that sort of stuff. What else? The shuffleboard is a plus. All in all, it truly is O’Connell’s 2.0, with all the bells and whistles. Good Music and lots of booze? I’m all in.